Mashtag enhances ROI by funneling verified quality traffic into your website.
Tag your marketing. Deliver performance.
Generate real engagement and conversions from qualified customers.


Tailored traffic requires excellence in 4 areas.
Think of it as if we have to "mash" them all into one place


Even customers operating in a similar industry are different.We analyse your requirements and abilities, creating pinpoint solutions to match them and pair you with the best customers for your needs


Everything we plan, build and create is a craft. Our leads are hand crafted by a long standing industry professionals


We only send traffic if it matches your expectations. Our high quality traffic is targeted, verified and built for long term collaborations with advertisers and publishers.


We deliver excellent marketing tools with brillance. That's why we really belive in our products, and are also willing to sell you on a CPA(cost per acquisition) basis.